Wardrobes are a major purchase item that you end up paying hundreds of pounds for. By paying in monthly or weekly installments you can not only make the purchase easier on your bank balance, you also increase your credit score with every on-time payment. You can now find and buy the furniture you want on credit from many UK catalogues and online stores. In order to get approved for a finance option without a credit check however, you will most likely have to put down a deposit and show your last 3 months worth of bank statements.

There are a lot of companies offering great deals on wardrobes with or without credit checks. Rentaldeals lets you rent your wardrobes with the best deal to suit your needs with variety of payment options like pay weekly etc. and offer upgrades, repairs and much more. Some websites like Littlewoods however require credit checks to ensure your card is not being used fraudulently and that you are a good credit customer. Paymonthlystore is an excellent website where you can satisfy all your furniture needs while paying a deposit of your choice, having no credit checks to affect your credit record and some very useful finance deals.

If you have a bad credit score you may feel that getting a wardrobe on finance with no credit checks is your only option. This is not the case! Many catalogues have very low acceptance rates.

Sometimes, especially in cases of big purchases, it is better to spread out your costs into affordable amounts rather than pay interest for a long time to come. In this aspect, buy wardrobes without credit check is highly advisable, welcome even.