If you’re looking at buying a new sofa but don’t yet have the money then your best option is to buy the sofa on finance. Many online stores of credit options to their customers after they have undergone a credit check. However, there are a few retailers that offer such deals with no credit check.

Sofas are a major purchase item that you end up paying hundreds of pounds for. Purchasing these from your credit card can impact your credit record. So, to avoid a situation like this, go for second hand or hand-me-downs. These come at a much lesser price and often without a credit check. Thus you can save up on a lot till your credit score is up by buying sofas with no credit check.

You can shop for sofas online at major stores like Littlewoods. which offer great deals for sofas on finance and with or without a credit check. DFS, for example, has major brands available and regular great deals on its website. It has offers very you can pay minimal amounts like £20 a month or free credit spread over 4 years with no deposit. PicnPay offers great weekly pay schemes where you can pay as and when you can afford it and there are no credit checks or interest.

If you do not get a deal for sofas without a credit check, it is important to find a credit option that suits your budget. Just because you have been refused credit elsewhere does not mean that you will be refused credit from a catalogue as they have much lower approval rates. One option is to apply for a catalogue for people with bad credit. They all do great deals on sofas and are very good at accepting people who have bad credit.