Mobile Phones

If you have a low or bad credit score it is likely that getting accepted for a mobile phone contract is proving difficult. With online catalogues you can get a top of the range mobile on credit and on pay as you go. By doing this you can build up your credit history into something respectable, thus making future attempts at getting approved much easier. But, there are ways around getting a device and plan without needing to do a credit check. Some companies may allow you to pay a deposit in order to negate the credit check. The deposit will usually be refunded after a year if the account is in good standing and does not have any suspensions from non-payments. If your credit is not in good standing, the company will hold your deposit for as long as you do business with them.

You can also use a service that does not require a credit check and will instead do a check on your last 3 months bank statements. This allows them to determine whether or not you are going to be able to keep up with payments. If you don’t want to pay a deposit or don’t pass a credit check, rent-to-own or lease-to-own is an alternative. Certain retailers will allow you to rent a product such as a phone, and pay a monthly fee for a certain amount of time. If all payments are made on time during the allotted period, the phone will become yours. There are no credit checks or deposits involved, just advancement payment or pay-as-you go.

Remember, some companies absolutely require that they run a back ground check on you for services such as mobiles phones and plans. If denied, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to get the product. If you want the product, and the company requires a credit check, there are ways to improve your credit. Companies will allow you to use a co-signer to co-own an account by using their credit for approval. Sometimes, co-signers are not allowed, however, the account will be put into that person’s name.