There are many parameters that buyers look for when buying a fridge from an online catalogue like energy ratings, fridge capacity, internal LED control etc. Fridges of all shapes, sizes, brands with discounts and weekly payment options are available in several online electronic appliance stores. You can also get your new fridge on finance when you shop from a UK catalogue. Even if you have a low or bad credit score, most catalogues have very good approval figures so you shouldn’t have a problem getting accepted for pay monthly or pay weekly on fridges.

It is common for prospective sellers to use a credit check to ascertain whether or not a person is creditworthy. Usually credit checks have two components- a credit score and a credit report. A credit report shows all of your recent and past borrowings as well as any failed applications for credit. A credit check sometimes includes calls to financial bodies for obtaining financial references. The report that is furnished by the agency contains among other things, details like date of birth, social security number, permanent address, employment record, present work and income details, an account of old or current debts.

If you don’t want credit checks and initial deposits, you must go to the right sources or catalogues. On Buy-as-you-view you can pay weekly installments without paying an initial deposit; and credit is taken on total amount payable. At Perfect Home you have flexible payment options and free delivery without any deposit too. Buyers are required to take theft and accident cover if they do not have home content cover. Littlewoods offers a 10% off on first credit purchase. Even products on sale can be purchased with weekly payments. Interest can be avoided by paying the cash price in full before the end of the payment-free period. You can also spread the cost even further using their shopping account.

If you can’t avoid a credit check, you may not be able to buy the fridge because of it. It is not an uncommon practice to run credit checks on yourself, you can spot lines of credit if any, which haven’t been authorized by you. And you can also be better prepared for the situations when the seller does go for a credit report on you. A high number of credit checks made in connection with loan applications will paint a bad picture in your credit report. To improve your chances of being able to make purchases on installments; you should not have too many loan application related credit checks in your report.