If you are one of those many people who are burdened due to a bad credit rating, looking for products with no credit check is a great option. Don’t let your credit status disable you from buying that cooker you need.

One of the best ways to circumvent paying a lot for something like cookers is to go for rentals. These come at a lesser price and often without a credit check. Another way would be to buy a cooker on credit from a bad credit catalogue. Lots of catalogues have great approval rates for anyone who has a low credit score and once you’re accepted you can start rebuilding you credit rating.

Many online stores have an option to buy now and pay later on cookers. You may find the interest rates slightly higher but with online catalogues you can always get a good deal. Websites like Currys and Argos have great sales and lots of brands to choose from although you can only buy on finance in-store from Currys. At Bedirect and Tesco, you can pay later by cash, you can combine vouchers and much more. They offer various payments methods and have extensive help available on their websites. However it is a little difficult to find websites offering cookers on credit payments.

In order to get a Cooker with no credit check you will have to either pay a deposit or pay a very high interest charge so this is not recommended and should only be undertaken if you are refused from a catalogue such as Gimmitech. Online stores including and offer no credit check cookers.