Every time you have to make a major purchase, the big dreadful question of credit comes along. But despite a good credit record, it is so much more convenient if you can buy something without a credit check, especially if it comes along with great finance!

Beds are an essential addition to everyone’s home. Purchasing these on your credit card can impact your credit record. Whether it affects it in a good way or a bad way depends on how well you keep up with your payments. You can choose to pay monthly on beds when you shop online from major stores like Littlewoods and Dreams which offer lots of purchase options, finance options and great deals in everything from bunk beds to sofa beds.

Picnpay offers great weekly pay schemes where you can pay as and when you can afford it and there are no credit checks or interest. You can get stores that have everything from monthly to weekly payment schemes with finance and no credit check and flexibility to suit your lifestyle. Paymonthlystore gives you the option to select how many monthly installments would you like to spread the payment over. Dreams offers great finance credit options to help you spread the cost as per your comfort and offers great deals and many brands.

In the off chance that you do not get a deal without a credit check, it is important that you maintain a good credit record as it clears your way in a lot of situations and helps you get lower interest rates. You can do various things like regularly ordering credit reports to check for unwanted activity. Credit simulators are also very helpful in seeing how different activities will affect your credit score.